Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quality vs. Quantity

Happy new year, lovely people! With the new year comes a new set of resolutions.  I prefer to call them "promises" to myself (somehow it has a nicer, more definite ring to it).  And one of these promises is that I will prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to shopping.

You see, I do have a lot of clothes and it's only lately that I've realized that throughout the years, I just bought and bought without any regard if they were investment pieces or made of good quality.  In other words, I bought for the short-term and not with the end goal of building a really great wardrobe. While I have some surprisingly classic investment pieces, it seemed that quantity, and not quality, was still the overarching theme of what I have.  And the same goes for my shoes, bags, sunglasses, makeup and accessories.  And now that we're growing up and with a new year, I guess it's the perfect time to make a change. 

(This realization has also been inspired by the article "Invest in Your Wardrobe" which I have reposted here.)

So here are my top picks/ classic must-haves for starting my year with this promise: 

1. The Oversized Gold Watch  
A gold men's watch is a big trend now (hello, arm parties!) but I also see it as a classic that will last for years. I decided to upgrade the cheap gold watch that I've been wearing to this chronograph watch from Michael Kors. It's not exactly Rolex or Cartier-expensive but it's not too cheap either. And just because I'm on the hunt for quality doesn't mean that I'm not watching out for opportunities to save.  So instead of buying this here in Manila, I asked my friend Alice to buy this for me in the States, which saved me more than 100%.

2. The Red Pants
Zara pants
Zara pants
As I've shared with you in this post, I've been on the hunt for red pants and  I thought I scored a good deal with the pants I found for P595.  It was only later on as I was wearing them that I realized that the fit wasn't that good, the stretch denim made the pants tend to fall down as I was walking, and the pockets were peeking out.  All in all, I wasn't too happy about them. So I decided to practice my "quality over quantity" principle and got myself a pair of colored denim pants from Zara. Although the color isn't as bright a red as the cheap ones I bought, I do love the coral red color of the Zara pair. It's nearly five times the price of the cheap pants but what I really paid for was the quality and the fit. 

3. The Black Ballet Flats
Topshop ballet flats
The search is over.  (Or at least until I finally get my hands on a pair of Repettos).  I have found my perfect pair of black ballerina flats with Topshop's Malachy3.  It's 100% leather
and I can't wait to wear this pair to death.

4.The Breton Shirt / The Striped Shirt
striped shirts
I have amassed quite a number of striped shirts, especially Breton shirts. Perhaps this is something where it's ok to go lean towards quantity instead of quality? Anyway, since is a classic that I see myself wearing for years, I upgraded from my usual department store and bazaar shirts and got myself a piece also from Zara. It's made from organic cotton, and feels very soft and comfortable.
Breton shirt
5. The Bright Pink Lipstick
When I was a teenager, I read somewhere in Vogue that a girl only needs five lip colors. And one of them is a true pink color. That's true now, as it was in 1995. And for me, that true pink lipstick is none other than Nars Schiap. It has the perfect semi-matte formulation, doesn't feather, and is very long-lasting. I don't want to wear cheap lipsticks again!
Nars Schiap
6. The Aviators
There are only a few sunglasses that every girl must have, and one of them is a classic pair of aviators. And of course, for aviators, it has got to be nothing else but Ray-Ban.I chose mine in the uber-classic Arista lens with a gold frame in an updated size.  I love how the lens change color depending on the sun level.  I love how it makes me look classic but trendy at the same time. I know I will love this pair forever. 
Ray-Ban Aviators
Ray-Ban Aviators
Ray-Ban Aviators
I know I won't have an easy time staying away from my old habits when it comes to shopping.  After all, these habits have been with me for years. I guess I'll always be on the look out for good, bargain finds.  But now, I want to be more conscious of what I buy and how it fits in my wardrobe, in my room (which I keep forgetting is a finite space!), and in my life---whether they're cheap or expensive.  

I'm not saying that expensive items are necessarily better. But we can't deny that usually, those that are of good quality come at a price.  And I've also realized that most of the time, expensive stuff have a built-in "shopping chilling effect"---meaning, since I'm not paying dirt cheap prices for them, then I'd be more likely to consider if I really, really want/need them (instead of impulsively buying them just because they're super cheap). 

What about you---what are your promises/ resolutions for the new year (whether it comes to fashion or otherwise)? I hope we all get to fulfill them :) Cheers! 
Feels like Santorini


  1. repetto will open in greenbelt 3 this january or feb 2012

  2. My main resolution now is to live a healthier lifestyle. =)

  3. You basically listed everything I want right now! (Except the aviators which, for some reason, just don't work with my face...) Love that pink lipstick!!

  4. We could share the same closet! We almost have the same taste sartorially...

    I just purchased the same MK watch after lusting for it for about a year. It's a better watch to wear for everyday. And I've also gotten a red pants from Zara middle of last year. I also got a lot of breton shirts from Zara, Gap and H&M.

    I, too, share your principle of preferring quality over quantity. Prioritizing the needs of my three kids has somewhat changed my shopping habits. I do not update my wardrobe as frequently as i used to so buying quality items is very important to me.

    Sa lipstick lang tayo di pareho... I hardly use it. Just tinted lip balm for me.:)

  5. where did you get that yellow weekend bag?

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